IL State Senator Matt Murphy (R-Palatine) answers public unions


Obama helps Michele Bachmann – by showing way less care in speaking (the facts)

Joe Walsh makes choice to run against Tea Party Rep. Randy Hultgren in IL 14th

Low-key vs. ADD will be the framework behind the GOP primary in the 14th congresional district of Illinois. Solid conservative Randy Hultgren, who has been quietly competent in Washington the last two years, is being challenged – thanks to Democrat redistricting of the state – by the frenetically active Joe Walsh. Besides taxing Republicans to decide between two basically strong candidates, it would have been great for 9th District sufferers to see Walsh take on the truely worthless Jan Schakowsky (a co-conspirator in crime with her convicted-felon husband.),0,6504204.story

Bobby Schilling going for a second term in Congress

Looks like one Illinois Tea Party congressman is up and running for reelection in 2012: 17th District Rep. Bobby Schilling (from northwest Illinois) met up with Mark Weyermuller (Wilmette) at a fundraiser in Chicago earlier this week.
Here’s Mark’s plan for a Tea Party-friendly legislative agenda:
Law 1:  No American may refer to a person making $200,000 a year or a
couple making a combined $250,000 a year as a millionaire or a billionaire under
penalty of ten years in jail.
Law 2:  No politician may refer to taxes as revenue and spending as
Law 3:  Millionaires and Billionaires will not be used in the same sentence
as they are not the same.

Even New Trier High School needs to be reminded that more $$ does not an education make.

Take this chart to New Trier Supt. Linda Yonke. And find out the top 5 reasons we need to abolish the Federal Dept. of Education:

H/T Backyard Conservative blog

Meet the New Trier Superintendent – she wants to hear from the people.

Linda Yonke, New Trier superintendent, is offering two meet-and-greets this Monday evening and Tuesday morning (Sept. 26 and 27). Hope this is not the sign of a new referendum campaign. Take your questions and comments:

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